No Compromise Gun Organization Defends Six-Year-Old Suspended for Playing “COPS AND ROBBERS” During Recess

In early September, a first-grade student at Bagley Elementary School in Jefferson County, Alabama received a suspension for making a gesture where he pretended his fingers were shaped like a gun as he was playing with another student during recess. The child’s father, Jarrod Belcher, quickly stood firmly against the Class III suspension, in which the school system  bans the student from returning to the school’ premises until a conference is conducted. Generally speaking, violations like arson, assault with a weapon, selling drugs, and bomb threats are subject to this form of disciplinary action. 

Although Belcher’s pushback has compelled the school to reduce the suspension down to a Class II level and the young boy has been allowed to return to school, the excessive punishment dished out by administrators could still have the student being deemed as potentially violent and dangerous on his permanent record. In effect, the student would be marked for life as this classification would stay on his permanent record. 

As a response to this troubling development, Gun Owners of America has partnered with local lawyers and pro-gun organizations such as BamaCarry in Alabama to send a letter to the school administration, the school board, and school district calling for the complete removal of any record of an infraction, disciplinary action, or other sort of report dealing with the matter at hand. Furthermore, the letter urges that the current policy that led to this excessive punishment be publicly modified to allow age-appropriate play for children, such as what recently took place at Bagley Elementary last week. 

The entire letter demanding changes can be found here

Erich Pratt, GOA’s Senior Vice President, made the following statement:

This incident just goes to show how embedded the anti-gun mindset is in so many communities, including in red states like Alabama. This was a gross mishandling of a situation where children were simply being children. I imagine most men, young and old, hearing about this can recall having played in a similar fashion in their own youth. We will continue to demand action until a full apology is made and all disciplinary records tied to this incident are permanently destroyed. 

Jerrod Belcher, the father of the young boy who received the suspension in question, he continued:

They labeled my six-year-old as a potentially violent and dangerous student because he was being a little boy and playing cops and robbers with another student (who was also suspended) and using his fingers like a gun. It should be noted that punching or hitting a student would have only been a Class II violation, so in the eyes of these school administrators, a finger gun is more serious than punching a classmate in the nose. Many noses have been broken by fists, but in the last 600 years since the invention of firearms, not a single person has been so much as bruised by a ‘finger gun.’

Schools these days are leftist indoctrination centers that work to warp children’s minds. Moreover, they try to modify young people’s behaviors in a way to create a submissive and pliable population. Conservative organizations must continue to keep tabs at the local level and other developments occurring in their backyards. This is how tyranny begins and starts spreading across the nation. 

It’s best that we stop this at the root by getting active at the local level and derailing these tyrannical ventures. 

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