No Compromise Gun Organization Stands Against ATF Rule Banning Nearly All Firearms Sales

On April 11, 2024, the National Association for Gun Rights published a statement manifesting its opposition to the “Engaged in Business” final rule that received its final approval from Attorney General Merrick Garland.

The rule is 466 pages long and expands the definition of when a person is deemed a firearms dealer. It will go into effect 30 days following its publication in the Federal Register. 

Firearms dealers are mandated to submit  ATF Form 4473 for all firearms transfers. 

“This rule will outlaw virtually all private sales of firearms between individuals,” stated Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights. “And as we saw in the Bryan Malinowski case in Little Rock, the ATF is willing to use outrageously excessive force – including murder – to punish violators.”

In the case of Bryan Malinowski, 10 vehicles filled with federal agents drove up to his home prior to dawn on March 19 to serve a search warrant. Malinowski was suspected of selling guns without a 

Federal Firearms License. According to video footage from the doorbell camera, agents decked out in tactical gear while wielding automatic rifles lined up in front of Malinowski’s door as they placed tape over the camera lens. 

They eventually broke into Malinowksi’s home and shot him dead. 

Family lawyer Bud Cummins declared the following: “At this stage there is no publicly available evidence showing whether agents knocked on the door or announced their presence, adequately identifying themselves.”  

“This rule brings us one step closer to Biden’s dream of Universal Gun Registration enforced by the ATF’s jackbooted thugs,” stated Brown.

The Biden regime’s recent gun control measures are part of a large plot to destroy the Second Amendment. Since the Biden regime can’t get gun control legislation passed in Congress, it will have to use the ATF bureaucracy to impose this legislation. 

At this point, we’re not dealing with misguided individuals who want to pass gun control laws. We’re dealing with petty tyrants who are willing to violently impose their anti-gun vision on society.

For that reason, their dastardly plots must be stopped at all costs. 

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