Nobody is Watching Jon Stewart’s New Show

Jon Stewart’s New Show-

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart, once called the America’s influential newscaster due to his Comedy Central program, is no longer relevant after his left-wing ideology has failed on a grand stage.

Stewart’s new AppleTV+ program, The Problem with Jon Stewart, has posted underwhelming ratings since its debut in September. The first episode was only seen by 180,000 American homes in its first week, according to numbers posted by Samba TV, and fell to only 40,000 homes by its fifth episode, which aired in March. 

He made jokes about his own irrelevancy on the first episode of his show.

“Thank you for watching but my guess is you didn’t,” Stewart said. “You’re probably just going to look at aggregated clips of it somewhere, on YouTube, where you pirate ‘Ted Lasso.’ You don’t even know how to get Apple TV, do you?”

Stewart’s former Daily Show protégé, John Oliver, has supplanted his former boss. The March edition of his HBO program, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, was watched in 844,000 US homes. Stewart has been largely forgotten by his former fans who have moved on to other snarky weasels who dishonestly poke fun at their political opposition.

While Stewart has withered into obscurity over the years, his archrival, Tucker Carlson, has emerged into a national force. Carlson is breaking ratings records while Stewart’s content falls on deaf ears.

Big League Politics has reported on Carlson shattering benchmarks on cable news as the masses demand his unfiltered populist America First message:

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson achieved the highest ever ratings for a cable television program in the second quarter of 2020, receiving an average of 4.331 million nightly viewers for Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Fox News itself continue to crush its liberal media competitors, achieving an an average viewership of 3.574 million viewers. MSNBC and CNN lagged far behind with 1.999 million and 1.806 million.

Sean Hannity came in a close second place behind Tucker, receiving 4.311 million nightly viewers. Both primetime hosts are generally unafraid to confront the pervasive left-wing cultural authoritarian pervading through nearly every major American institution and media outlet.

The enduring popularity of Carlson’s show suggests a sizable appetite for commentary that wholly rejects the cultural authoritarianism of the political Left and the elite media, who have steadfastly demanded that Americans submit to the dictates of the Black Lives Matter movement. Carlson also is the only major American political commentator ready and willing to critique the nation’s major corporations and wealthiest individuals, providing a hearty challenge to the corrupt oligarchy that liberals and Democrats have increasingly become beholden and obedient to.

Stewart will be remembered only as a relic from a media era that helped to send America down into a deep moral and spiritual gutter. Carlson has bested Stewart, and that fact must really stick in the arrogant comedian’s craw.

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Jon Stewart’s New Show

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