‘Non-Binary’ Students Rise by 582 Percent in Maryland School District as LGBT Plague Takes Hold Over the Youth

New data is showing that the amount of “non-binary” student in one Maryland school district has risen by 582 percent as the LGBT agenda becomes pervasive and corrodes the souls of the youth.

Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), the state’s largest school district, gives an intake document for students to fill out each year pertaining to their gender identity. They re expected to provide information like their “identified name,” “identified gender,” and their pronouns.

It is school policy for MCPS to “develop a plan to ensure that [any non-binary] student has equal access and equal opportunity” and be “protected from gender-based discrimination at school,” meaning to coddle and nurture the delusions of the child.

The number of non-binary students, most of which are in middle school, has increased from 25 in 2019 to 230 in 2022. The barrage of sexual propaganda is reeking havoc on the minds of confused, impressionable young children.

Big League Politics has reported on the susceptibility of LGBT-indoctrinated children to be more depressed, anxious and consider suicide:

The LGBT poison is taking its toll on abused children as confused and brainwashed kids are considering suicide after being indoctrinated into that demonic lifestyle.

The Trevor Project, a LGBT advocacy organization, found that more LGBT youth are considering suicide than any time over the past three years. They found that 45 percent of LGBT youth have considered suicide over the past year, even as societal LGBT acceptance is at an all-time high.

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