North Carolina ‘Community Advocates’ Call for Fourth of July Boycott

In the name of social justice, two community members in the Raleigh/Durham area will be boycotting the Fourth of July, and are calling on their friends to do the same.

“You know, with so much injustice in the world – African Americans still going through racism, Mexican, Latino people still dealing with unfair immigration laws, and all of that – people are askingĀ  ‘what can I do as an individual to make things better?'” said Minister Paul Scott on Instagram.

“One easy thing everyone can do is boycott this July Fourth,” he continued.
“Don’t buy fireworks, don’t buy franks. Don’t buy none of that! That will send a message to this country that we will no longer tolerate injustice.”


“Community advocate” Diana Powell took the message to heart, and will be participating in the boycott.

“How many of you all feel free?” she asked. “We spend our money, we go to their festivities, we do all of that because it’s the Fourth of July, America’s birthday. But we’ve got a president up there saying we want to ‘make America great again.'”


“This is something everyone can participate in,” Powell continued. “We want to know what your address is – because we’re gonna be crashing cookouts that day.”

Powell and Scott told a local ABC station that they want to turn cookouts into rallies for social justice.

Despite their efforts, it is likely that most will celebrate tomorrow’s holiday traditionally.

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