North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper Wants Gun Control After UNCC Shooting

After the University of North Carolina-Charlotte campus shooting, North Carolia’s Governor Roy Cooper is looking at passing gun control.

The Washington Times reports that the North Carolina governor “has vowed to take a hard look at how to keep guns away from universities and schools after a fatal shooting at a campus.”

The UNCC shooting on April 30, 2019 witnessed a gunman kill two people and wound four others.

Cooper stated that students shouldn’t walk into class with fears, nor should their parents be afraid of their kids being in danger while at school.

The governor stated that this “violence has to stop.”

However, Cooper did not provide much in the way of specifics outside of mentioning how he would review “everything involved in the shooting and work on ways to prevent others from happening.”

Earlier this year, North Carolina Democrats introduced a gun control package featuring universal background checks, high-capacity magazine bans, and bump stock bans on the first year anniversary of the Parkland massacre. This massacre catalyzed a massive push for gun control across America.

In North Carolina, however, Cooper faces great challenges in passing gun control with Republicans in firm control of both chambers of the North Carolina General Assembly.


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