North Dakota House Passes Several Pro-Gun Proposals

There are few places where you can’t carry firearms in North Dakota, but that list isn’t going to shrink this legislative session.

Initially, lawmakers in North Dakota introduced six bills this legislative session that would have broadened the scope of  concealed carry rights in North Dakota. However, none of these bills passed the House on February 20, 2023. Instead, they were bundled together and passed as a study.

The bills that didn’t originally pass in the conventional form would’ve allowed concealed carry at public gatherings, which includes public functions in public schools, on college campuses, in bars, and at the State Capitol in Bismarck. The study’s goal is to determine where concealed carry can be extended to, with the aim of introducing legislation in the 2025 session.

“This is a Supreme Court ruling that came down in 2022. We have to look at historical data nationwide to identify where we can carry concealed, where we cannot carry concealed, and it has to be identified in the historical data,” declared State Representative Pat Heinert.

Two other bills would’ve banned any entity from implementing red flag gun confiscation orders and would’ve expanded the locations where law-abiding people can carry knives.

On top of that, the North Dakota State House passed three additional gun-related bills. One of these bills, House Bill 1339, would allow individuals who possess concealed carry licenses in other states to carry in North Dakota. HB 1339 was passed unanimously. These bills are now in the State Senate for consideration.

Since North Dakota passed Constitutional Carry in 2017, the state has been on the pro-gun path. It is ranked in 6th place in Guns & Ammo magazine’s 2022 best states for gun owners rankings.

With a Republican trifecta in the state government, Republicans control the State House and State Senate by 82-12 and 43-4 margins, respectively, such reforms should pass easily. However, the GOP is a fickle political entity and is notorious for letting its constituents down.

As always, dedicated gun rights activists are the key to holding these politicians accountable. 

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