North Korea Submits to Trump, Returns Remains of Servicemen Killed in Korean War

In a concession to the United States during ongoing negotiations between President Donald J. Trump and the brutal North Korean regime, the remains of American servicemen who died in the Korean war have been returned.

“Fifty-five cases containing what were believed to be the remains of U.S. servicemen killed during the Korean War were returned Friday,” the White House said.

According to Fox News, the cases were retrieved from Wonsan, North Korea, and arrived aboard a U.S. military plane at Osan Air Base outside Seoul, South Korea.

“The Remains of American Servicemen will soon be leaving North Korea and heading to the United States! After so many years, this will be a great moment for so many families,” Trump said on Twitter. “Thank you to Kim Jong Un.”

The White House released the following statement:

“At their historic meeting in Singapore, President Donald J. Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un took a bold first step to achieve the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, transform relations between the United States and North Korea, and establish enduring peace,” the statement said. “Today, the Chairman is fulfilling part of the commitment he made to the President to return our fallen American service members. We are encouraged by North Koreas actions and the momentum for positive change.”

White House Passage Ends. 

This news comes on the heels of reports that satellite imagery shows North Korea dismantling key nuclear testing facilities. Both the return of the troops, and denuclearization were conditions of a deal negotiated by Trump with the hermit kingdom, which appears to be heading in a positive direction.

One of the chief fears of Trump’s detractors before and after his election was his supposed lack of foreign policy experience. The “experts” on the political left and right sounded the alarm, warning that Trump could plunge America nuclear war with North Korea. Once again, the exact opposite is happening.

With “experts” like these, who needs dunces?


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