North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un Appears in Public, Alive and Well

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un reappeared at a public event in the city of Sunchon on Friday, disproving reports that the Supreme Leader had been in a medical coma or had died in recent days.

Kim was opening a fertilizer plant in the North Korean city.

Reports linked to the intelligence community have been claiming the nation’s Supreme Leader is either dead or medically incapable for the last few days. Claims were made that Kim was debilitated after a heart procedure gone wrong, a report that was magnified by the coronavirus epidemic. North Korea is making fantastical claims about the severity of the epidemic in the country, only admitting that the disease had spread there in late March.

President Donald Trump refused to believe the initial rumors about Kim’s impending death, suggesting he had been shown information that cast doubt upon such claims.

It may be possible that the dictator was avoiding appearing in public to prevent contracting the disease. Kim is broadly thought to be in poor health, and has gone for considerable periods without appearing in public for causes related to his health.

Fake and sensational reports involving North Korea surface quite often, usually traced to anonymous and unnamed sources.

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