NOT FUNNY: Tom Arnold’s Sister Was The Original ‘Meth Queen’ Of The Midwest

Actor Tom Arnold’s sister Lori Arnold is widely identified as the original “meth queen” of Iowa who was integrally involved in creating the drug crisis in the American Midwest.

While Tom Arnold debuts a new Viceland show about his search for Trump-related audiotapes, Arnold’s ex-wife Roseanne Barr is being killed off her own ABC sitcom. ABC is planning to kill Barr’s character with an opioid overdose on “The Conners” this fall, according to Barr’s interview with #WalkAway founder Brandon Straka. Barr called the network’s decision an “insult” to the many people who appreciated Barr’s family comedy since 1988.

The opioid crisis is no laughing matter, and many families have been devastated by meth addiction and the crossover appeal of prescription opioids.

The History Channel credited Lori Arnold with “flooding” the Midwest with crystal meth while her brother was getting famous in Hollywood as a tabloid hanger-on. Barr divorced Arnold in 1994 and said that she hated him.

“At the height of her production, she’s bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. Lower-level dealers begin buying Arnold’s pure product, and cutting it several times, flooding entire regions of the Midwest with cheap meth.”

Lori Arnold said in an interview that she was having “fun” selling meth.

Tom Arnold became famous for being an irritating tabloid figure who gained publicity and short-lived TV series for himself through his legitimately famous wife, TV’s Roseanne.

Arnold ambushed President Donald Trump’s friend Mark Burnett, the reality show producer, and his wife “Touched By An Angel” actress Roma Downey, as part of his upcoming anti-Trump television show.

In April, Arnold launched a disgusting sexist attack on Candace Owens, the black conservative activist who is garnering support after Kanye West praised her thinking skills.

Arnold deleted his tweet in which he stuck up for Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King, who has been accused of pretending to be black, and told Candace Owens to “suck racist d—.”

“That’s a lot of extra words @RealCandaceO so you can suck racist d— by trying to insult an actual hero @ShaunKing hahahaha. #MAGA,” Tom Arnold wrote.

Arnold is a left-wing Twitter person now, after he became quasi-famous as Roseanne Barr’s husband in the early 1990’s. After riding Roseanne’s popularity to a middling career, divorcing her, and now living the good life in California, Arnold seems to think it is okay to attack black conservative women.

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