Not Sending Their Best: Military Base Families In Danger As Afghan Refugees Engage In Rape, Assault, Crime

In what might come as a shocker to the college-educated liberal midwit, if they bothered to explore accurate news outlets, Afghan refugees that are being brought into American military bases across the country have been reported to be engaging in high rates of crime, including assaults and rape. Considering the stories of Afghan behavior that have been an open secret for years, this comes off as sadly unsurprising to those who have been paying attention.

According to American Daily Independent, a whistleblower has recently come forward with information regarding the safety and security of military and civilian personnel and their families at bases that have been targeted for housing refugees being brought in by the thousands. According to the whistleblower, there has been an alarming increase in crime at the bases that are housing these refugees which should have been taken in by the oil states in the Gulf. These crimes include not just petty crimes, but also encompass serious and violent crimes such as assault and even rape. In the Biden regime’s defense, it’s not as if this happens almost like clockwork when refugees from this part of the world are brought into a Western country.

According to the whistleblower, this phenomenon is set to spread as more bases become targets for temporary refugee resettlement. The four original refugee camps were Fort Bliss (El Paso, Texas), Fort McCoy (Monroe County, Wisconsin), Fort Lee (Prince George County, Virginia), and  Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst near Trenton, New Jersey. The next base targeted to house refugees from Afghanistan is Holloman Air Force Base located near the city of Alamogordo in New Mexico. The whistleblower eluded to a plan that would have the Holloman base take in somewhere between five and ten thousand refugees, even though the city of Alamogordo numbers barely 32,000.

The Holloman Base represents a potentially greater risk than the previous locations simply because the camp and military base are not geographically separated. This means that in addition to the expected increase in insecurity for the personnel and their families, there could also be potential security breaches in the sensitive sections of the base should enough refugees decide to behave as they did back in Afghanistan, further putting the lives of Americans in the vicinity and beyond at risk.

“We not only house fighter jets and drones, we also have the Air Force’s test track. This is where they test rockets and bombs, and they use those missile ranges to test out here,” said the whistleblower. “They’re putting these refugee camps right smack dab between the flight line and our test camp, and currently for right now, the report is that these people are just going to have free roam – they’re going to come on and off base, go downtown, and whatnot.”

The whistleblower went on to express deep concern regarding the school children and families that will be in close proximity to the refugees should a critical number of refugees decide to run amok. Indeed, the whistleblower mentioned that the security forces currently on staff at the Holloman Base might quite possibly be numerically insufficient if enough refugees, who seem to be disproportionately males of military age themselves, decide to cause trouble.

The whistleblower is “hoping and praying” that the Biden regime will come up with a plan to secure the base in a matter that is satisfactory. Given the latest quagmire at the border, a lot more prayer might be in order.

Fort Bliss was already overwhelmed with inefficiencies before a single refugee arrived.

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