Not Woke: NJ Proposes Bill Keeping Critical Race Theory Out Of Schools

As is now known, Critical Race Theory arguably almost cost Phil Murphy the New Jersey governorship earlier this month. Jack Ciattarelli, a Republican, almost defeated the incumbent Democrat. A virtually unknown candidate and political outsider named Edward Durr defeated a career Democrat politician as well.

Now a bill is being proposed to stop the advancement of Critical Race Theory in NJ. The bill would establish clear guidelines for enforcement and the legislation prevents teachers from teaching concepts related to Critical Race Theory in the classroom.

As part of this bill a school that knowingly violates this provision could see its state school aid taken away.
Critical race theory is a thinly veiled attempt to legitimize discrimination,” State Senator Michael Testa declared. So it is. Indeed CRT is openly anti White racism. Sadly this form of discrimination has been deemed acceptable by today’s Left.

State Senator Joe Pennacchio also made the very valid point that “In many classrooms … we’ve heard of teachers engaging in political advocacy and pushing partisan ideologies when they should have been teaching math, science, history, and literacy,” “Our legislation will prevent unnecessary and inappropriate distractions that steal from instruction time.” Political Correctness and Wokeness is now more important in many public schools then reading and math not to mention civics.

Indeed one takeaway from the recent national defeat of many Democrats is that the voters reject CRT. Wokeness was categorically rejected at the ballot. Apparently the GOP- at least in New Jersey- got the message. While many on the Left frequently play the race card, CRT is an example of teaching to judge purely based on the color of one’s skin. We have seen the consequences of these so called academic teachings played out in real life.

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