November Set Records for Gun Sales

Gun sales have held strong so far in 2020.

Dean Weingarten of Ammoland outlined several figures coming from the FBI illustrating the previous month’s record-breaking firearms sales.

The number of National Instant background Check System (NICS) checks that were processed last month was 3,626,335. This does not necessarily represent all gun sales. According to Weingarten’s numbers, 1,920,155 firearms were sold in November. The previous record of firearms sold in November was in 2016, when 1.623 million sales were conducted.

Last November, there were roughly 1.30 million sales. November 2020’s sales were 1.47 times greater than November 2019’s figures. Weingarten recounted that in 2020, thus far, sales have been 1.7 times higher than 2019.

Right now, 2020 gun sales stand around 18.76 million.

Given the number of firearms purchased so far in 2020, there are expected to be over 20 million firearms sold this year, which represents an all-time record. Weingarten believes that this projection of sales will increase “the private stock of firearms in the United States by about 4% when the gun sales for 2020 are included.”

The current wave of social unrest along with Christmas time shopping will very likely continue increased gun sales. With leftist politicians telling law enforcement to stand down and let radical activists tear up cities, Americans are beginning to understand the importance of the Second Amendment. Armed, lawful individuals are the best first responders in times of general turmoil. As they say, when seconds count, law enforcement is only seconds away.

Americans’ decision to buy firearms in record numbers shows that politicians will have a fight on their hands if they try to implement gun grabs. As long as there exists a strong pro-gun contingent within the American populace, the Second Amendment will continue to exist.

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