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NRA Gives Away 30-Round Magazines to Spite Virginia’s Gun Control

30 rounds are standard capacity.



The National Rifle Association gave away more than a thousand AR-15 magazines earlier this week in defiance of Ralph Northam’s planned Virginia gun control package.

The magazines have a standard 30-round capacity. Authoritarian Democrats in the Virginia Legislature are seeking to ban transfers of the magazines, which they claim are “high capacity.” Existing owners of 30-round magazines would be permitted to keep them, but would have to sign up for a government database.

Gun owners who don’t sign up for the mandatory gun accessory registration list would be either charged with a felony or forced to give up their property under Delegate Mark Levine’s HB 961.

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Magpul Industries donated the magazines to the NRA as a way to show solidarity with peaceful gun owners facing a serious erosion of their Second Amendment rights in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Magpul’s magazines are some of the most popular on the civilian, military and law enforcement market, and can be acquired in free states that respect the Second Amendment for a relatively cheap price. 

Virginia has become ground zero in the struggle between Orwellian elites and freedom-loving patriots over gun rights. Governor Ralph Northam is seeking to demonize a pro-Second Amendment protest slated for the state capital in Richmond, having declared a dubious state of emergency on the basis of supposed “online extremism” surrounding the rally.

Northam may be seeking to distract from his own scrupulous history of racial controversy through his gun control crusade.

As the governor moves to seize emergency powers in order to enforce gun control, patriots of Virginia should take every possible opportunity to acquire standard capacity magazines for popular civilian rifles before it’s too late.

Big League Guns

POLL: National Support for Gun Control Plummets Amid 2020 Coronavirus, Crime Surge, Race Riots

Support for this leftist policy is declining.



A new poll from Rasmussen Reports reveals that nationwide support for gun control has plummeted during 2020, with only 52% of Americans describing their support for “stricter gun control laws” this year. An identical poll in 2019 revealed that 64% of Americans supported stricter gun control in 2019, with 12% changing their position this year.

The Rasmussen poll also reveals that Americans who were already gun owners have armed themselves in increasing fashion this year. A massive 27% of Americans who already have guns in their house have bought at least one new one in the last six months, showing that the nation’s existing population of gun owners has become even more resolute in their support of the Second Amendment.

The chaotic events of 2020 have proved sufficient to fuel what many have identified as the greatest “panic buy” of firearms and ammunition in American history, with sales records being routinely crushed on a monthly basis by US gun buyers. Concerns largely related to coronavirus, nationwide race riots, and an increase in violent crime have led in great part to millions of first-time gun owners in the country, with women and citizens of liberal states such as California executing their rights to gun ownership in a manner never previously seen.

Major firearm and ammunition retailers continue to regularly sell out of their inventory, unable to meet the massive demand for guns. Production halts in gun and ammo manufacturing have also played a crucial role in eroding inventories, with coronavirus halting the supply chain for metals such as copper.

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More than 1,000 Americans across the country were surveyed for the Rasmussen poll.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has consistently reiterated his support for strict gun control measures, advocating for an outright ban of so-called “assault weapons” owned by tens of millions of Americans.

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