NYC Pizzerias Outraged Over Emission Slicing Plan That Targets Coal, Wood-Fired Ovens: ‘Totally Destroying The Product’

New York is fighting against carbon emissions. And in the process, turning itself into one of the greatest contenders for worst places to live – let alone the worst place to own and operate a business – in the United States.

NY already made headlines for becoming the first state in the nation to ban gas stoves in new residential buildings. Now that slippery slope is getting even more slippery with the state’s latest crack down on wood and coal ovens.

In case you missed it, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is forcing restaurant owners to install special filters that will reduce carbon emissions by a whopping 75%.

The move will dramatically impact coal and wood-fire pizzerias – a NYC “decades-old baking method.” 

From The Post:

The rule could require pizzerias with such ovens installed prior to May 2016 to buy pricey emission-control devices — with the owner of one Brooklyn joint saying he’s already tossed $20,000 on an air filter system in anticipation of the new mandate.

“Oh yeah, it’s a big expense!” said Paul Giannone, the owner of Paulie Gee’s in Greenpoint. “It’s not just the expense of having it installed, it’s the maintenance. I got to pay somebody to do it, to go up there every couple of weeks and hose it down and you know do the maintenance.”

The DEP assures that less than 100 restaurants total would be impacted. And that “this common-sense rule” – regardless of its pricey installation and maintenance costs -will slice emissions dramatically.  

Understandably, historical New York pizza joints are taking issue with these government interventions. Especially considering how patrons will be affected too thanks to the rising costs associated with production.

One New Yorker, for example, was videoed protesting the new rules, with what he dubs “The New York Pizza Party.”

Other restaurateurs have slammed the new rule because it is “totally destroying the product.” 

“If you f—k around with the temperature in the oven you change the taste,” one anonymous owner claimed. 

“That pipe, that chimney, it’s that size to create the perfect updraft, keeps the temp perfect, it’s an art as much as a science,” he added. “You take away the char, the thing that makes the pizza taste great, you kill it.”

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