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OBAMA’S LEGACY: ISIS Kidnaps Women and Children In New Round of Attacks



The Islamic State kidnapped dozens of women and children in their latest round of offensives in Syria, showing characteristic brutality as their prospects of defeating U.S.-led coalition forces dwindle.

ISIS is using the women and children as hostages.

CBS News is forced to report: “A war monitoring group says Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) fighters seized 36 women and children during simultaneous attacks on the southeastern province of Sweida last week. The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Monday that 20 women and 16 children were seized from al-Shobki village in Sweida during the Wednesday attacks. The ambush by suspected ISIS militants left at least 221 people dead. Reports on social media suggest ISIS has sent photos of some of the kidnapped women, most of them from the minority Druze sect prevalent in Sweida, to their families in via WhatsApp.”

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Sadly, this kind of behavior is typical of the region that Barack Obama de-stabilized, and of the groups that Barack Obama funded, armed, and emboldened alongside Hillary Clinton.

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President Donald Trump is waging a strong offensive against the ISIS militants with Operation Roundup, which is supposed to be a final stage of aggression to crush ISIS in Syria and Iraq. So far, Trump has managed to use special operations and targeted bombings to obliterate ISIS groups in the region, without staging a costly and dangerous nation-building ground invasion like Bush perpetrated in Iraq.

The Department of Defense officially reported: “Operation Roundup, which began May 1 to accelerate the defeat of ISIS in the Middle Euphrates River Valley and Iraq-Syria border region, has continued to gain ground and remove terrorists from the battlefield through offensive operations coupled with precision coalition strike support. Between July 23-29, coalition military forces conducted nine strikes, consisting of 11 engagements, in Iraq and Syria.”

ISIS is known for its cruelty against young women and children, with many sex slaves — including Christians and members of the minority Yazidi sect — subjected to constant agonizing rapes.

Big League National Security

SICK: Keith Olbermann Calls for President Trump to Receive “Death Penalty”




Former MSNBC commentator turned deranged liberal fanatic Keith Olbermann called for the killing of President Donald Trump in the latest of his YouTube rants on Tuesday, stating that the President should receive the death penalty for every “charge” of Americans who have died of coronavirus.

This would add up to 200,000 unique death penalties.

Olbermann made the demand in a charged rant- his exclusive mode of communication in recent years- in which he exclusively blamed the President for the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Twitter has previously said that it would ban or suspend those that call for the President’s death in the context of his coronavirus diagnosis. Olbermann is taking it a step further- actively calling for his execution- but as of Tuesday night, his verified Twitter account appears wholly funcitonal and unimpeded.

As Olbermann specifically blames President Trump for the impact of the global disease, he seems to be ignoring the reality that daily coronavirus deaths in Europe are now rising above those in the United States, and that it’s more than likely the “progressive” European Union will incur more coronavirus deaths per capita than the US has.

The President, or any political leader, is not God, and the ultimate effects of a novel viral disease are determined by variables largely outside of human control. Olbermann has descended into the hysteria of the bizarre “believe science” liberal religion, while largely ignoring the scientific reality on the capabilities of world leaders to simply “turn off” the coronavirus disease.

It’s generally poor form to speculate on the mental faculties of public figures- including partisan political personalities- but this kind of vengeful sentiment may indicate a personality disorder on the one that expresses it.

There’s no word as to a potential Secret Service investigation into the hysterical MSNBC alumni as of yet.

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