Occupy Democrats Facebook Page Seemingly Asks Fans to Dox Covington Teens

Occupy Democrats Dox Covington Students

Radical left-wing Facebook Page Occupy Democrats made a post featuring images of the teens present in the viral video from the March For Life, alongside a request for fans of the page to post the identities of the students.

In a viral Facebook post (which we won’t link to protect the privacy of the children) with nearly 8,000 reactions and over 7,000 shares, the progressive Facebook Page Occupy Democrats requested its fans provide information about 45 Catholic Covington High School Students who have been smeared as racists by the media.

When it comes to hate, sunlight is the best disinfectant,” the page wrote alongside the image, which contains the text “Do you know them? The world would like to know too. #CovingtonShame”

As of press time, the request for Facebook users to dox minors is still on the platform after more than 24 hours since it was posted. Big League Politics reached out to Facebook for a comment on why this post is still available, and did not receive an immediate response.

The flurry of hit pieces, inaccurately describing the students’ action in the video, in which the Native man approached them and began chanting and drumming mere inches from one student’s face, resulted in calls to dox the students and a series of death threats against them.

Worse, at least one example surfaced of a false identification of one of the students resulting in real death threats being sent to a completely uninvolved person’s family.

Big League Politics reported:

Andrew Hodge, who is Michael’s older brother, took to Twitter to describe a torrent of abuse directed towards the entire Hodge family from incensed progressives and liberals who had been falsely led to believe that Michael confronted and harassed Nathan Phillips.

In the tweet thread, Hodge describes threatening messages sent from anonymous parties informing Hodge family aunts and uncles that “they won’t be able to protect #MichaelHodge forever.

As the media’s narrative about “racist children chanting at a visible minority” continues to fall apart, a lawyer has stepped forward to suggest that not only are the children innocent of any wrongdoing, they be the victims of assault.


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