Ohio and Michigan Republicans Unite to Oppose Mutilation of ‘Trans Kids’, Liberal Media Defends Butchering Children’s Genitals

Republican elected officials in Ohio and Michigan are uniting to oppose the mutilation of “transgender children”, which is happening regularly nationwide under the nice-sounding euphemism of “gender-affirming care.”

Ohio and Michigan Republicans came together on an X Space last week where they discussed the best ways to protect children from being butchered in these grotesque and inhumane medical crimes. The X Space was hosted by Michigan Rep. Brad Paquette of Niles.

“In terms of endgame, why are we allowing these practices for anyone? If we are going to stop this for anyone under 18, why not apply it for anyone over 18? It’s harmful across the board, and that’s something we need to take into consideration in terms of the endgame,” said Michigan Rep. Josh Schriver of Oxford.

“That’s a very smart thought there. I think what we know legislatively is we have to take small bites,” said Ohio Rep. Gary Click of Vickery, who has led the charge in the Buckeye State to protect children from the excesses of the LGBT Agenda.

“The other thing is Planned Parenthoods; they pass out hormones like candy, he’s put a stop to that. That’s one of the places a lot of adults go. There’s also Euphoria and Plume,” he added.

A detransitioning activist Prisha Mosley talked about the courage and the heroism of the lawmakers in attendance for speaking out.

“I did want to say that I’ve kind of been waiting for a state or a representative or anyone to be brave enough to address that… you cannot consent to a lie. Most of these doctors are straight up lying about the effects and saying it’ll magically cure every bad feeling you’ve ever had and that you can magically change sex,” Mosley said.

These Michigan and Ohio Republicans are clearly hitting the mark, because they caught the flak of one far-left propaganda minion who attempted to demonize their frank discussion as supposed hatemongering.

“These freshly released recordings provide an important look into the endgame of anti-trans legislation: the elimination of transgender people from public life entirely through the banning of care at any age,” said child mutilation advocate Erin Reed in a Substack post.

This deranged journo is not completely incorrect. Republicans are fighting the culture war and no longer willing to look the other way as demonic leftists target children with perverse and evil sexual propaganda. Stopping the chemical castration of children and stopping the mutilation of their private parts for the enjoyment of LGBT predators is just the beginning of an America First Republican Party that protects the innocent and punishes their abuses.

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