Ohio Art Center Features a ‘Shoot the President’ Game for Children

For Democrats who want to teach their children at an early age that violence against opponents is perfectly normal and acceptable, an Ohio performing arts center has them covered.

“A popular performing arts building is advertising a kid’s birthday party where participants can play ‘Shoot the President’ with Nerf guns – and it’s raising more than a few eyebrows in Ohio,” according to Fox8. “The game was being advertised at Olmsted Performing Arts building in Berea.”

The object of the game is simple, per Olmsted’s website.

“There is one president with body guards. Everyone else tries to eliminate or shoot the president,” says the description.

This website has chronicled, at length, the violent political left. Ohio’s newest attraction is just one in a latest string of jokes, games, or pranks that would have been unacceptable to Democrats during the Obama administration.

Some local residents are displeased.

“I think it’s unfortunate that they chose that kind of theme only because of the atmosphere we are living in now,” Julie Berghaus reportedly said. “For kids, it’s just fun, but they don’t realize what they are being taught subconsciously.”

Olmsted Performing Arts was recently acquired by another arts center, Baldwin Wallace Community Arts School, which said that it was unaware that the game existed and is in the process of reviewing its current programming.

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