Ohio House Considers Bill Banning Enforcement of Federal Gun Control

As 2023 draws to a close, the Ohio State House is expected to approve legislation that would prohibit the enforcement of federal gun and ammunition laws inside of the Buckeye State.

The legislation in question, House Bill 51, is known as the Second Amendment Preservation Act.

One of the most notable features of this bill involves the imposition of a “civil penalty” in a case where:

The state or any political subdivision of the state knowingly employs an individual who is acting as or previously acted as an official, agent, employee, or deputy of the government of the United States, or otherwise acting under the color of federal law within the borders of this state, and who knowingly…enforces, attempts to enforce, or participates in any way in the enforcement or implementation of any federal acts, laws, executive orders, rules, regulations, statutes, or ordinances regarding firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition.

According to a Cleveland.com report, House Speaker Jason Stephens is optimistic about the bill’s passage in the House, which would kick it to the State Senate for debate and a potential vote.

The Cleveland.com described the Second Amendment Preservation Act as a sign of Ohio “conservatives’ resistance to and distrust of federal gun-control laws.”

WKBN quoted. State Representative Mike Loychik, the sponsor of the Second Amendment Preservation Act, was quoted by WKBN, as stating, “This Second Amendment Preservation Act protects one of our most fundamental rights as citizens. This bill allows Ohio’s law enforcement to carry out Ohio’s laws when it comes to owning guns, ammunition, and accessories. If any of these protections are violated, the bill permits an Ohioan to sue agencies whose employees have violated the Act.”

Even after passing Constitutional Carry in 2022, Ohio appears to be continuing its move in a pro-gun direction. After all, Ohio is ranked in 22nd place according to Guns & Ammo magazine’s best states for gun owners ranking, so it still has work to do on that front. 

The good news is that Ohio’s political class is looking to push the envelope on the nullification front.

Let’s hope that momentum continues so that Gun Control Inc. gets the message that its anti-Second Amendment agenda will not be tolerated at all levels of government. 

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