Ohio Senate Candidate JD Vance Outlines Populist Agenda

Ohio Senate candidate and Hillbilly Elegy author JD Vance outlined his populist agenda on his campaign website Sunday, offering a full-throated alternative to Conservative Inc. orthodoxy and staking out a political position as a champion for traditional Americans. 

Vance pledges to reduce immigration levels to the United States, protect American small business against ruthless globalist corporations, defund critical race theory and gender ideology in public school systems, and stand against the creation of a coronavirus ‘prison planet’ favored by global elites. Vance also is pledging to serve as a voice against attempts to implement mandatory leftism in the United States military, and to end American involvement in pointless endless wars. 

Since the second half of Donald Trump’s presidency, Republicans have increasingly forgotten the ‘America First’ populist-nationalist agenda that won Trump the 2016 presidential election, with Big Tech censorship gaslighting the right into pursuing a stale neoconservative agenda peppered with occasional risque yet meaningless social media outbursts. 

Vance would stand to highlight a right-wing populist perspective currently absent from the Senate, with a small handful of Republican Senators only paying lip service to economic populism while voting on party lines with Mitch McConnell. 

Vance advocates for a full breakup of corrupt Big Tech monopolies, invoking consumer protection and antimonopoly laws as a means to provide the American public with a technology industry independent of Silicon Valley’s ruthless form of corporate leftism. 

Vance is running against former Ohio state treasurer Josh Mandel in the hotly contested Republican primary. It’s thought that a crucial endorsement from former President Trump could prove to be the game changer in the contest. 

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