Ohio U.S. Senate Candidate J.D. Vance Said Republicans Hate ‘Admirable’ Barack Obama Due to ‘Envy’ and the ‘Color of His Skin’

Ohio U.S. Senate candidate J.D. Vance once wrote an op/ed following Obama’s presidency, calling the reviled usurper “admirable,” and did an interview claiming that conservatives dislike Obama out of “envy.”

In his Jan. 2017 op/ed for the New York Times titled, “Barack Obama and Me,” Vance gushed praise on Obama after his eight-year reign of terror in which he regularly targeted his political opposition with federal force. 

“It is one of the great failures in recent political history that the Republican Party was too often unable to disconnect legitimate political disagreements from the fact that the president himself is an admirable man,” Vance wrote.

“Part of this opposition comes from this uniquely polarized moment in our politics, part of it comes from Mr. Obama’s leadership style – more disconnected and cerebral than personal and emotive – and part of it (though a smaller amount than many on the Left suppose) comes from the color of his skin,” he added.

“For at a pivotal time in my life, Barack Obama gave me hope that a boy who grew up like me could still achieve the most important of my dreams. For that, I’ll miss him, and the example he set,” Vance concluded.

That same month, he was interviewed by The Guardian where he claimed that conservatives harbor disdain for Obama out of “envy.”

“I think that Obama is everything that the American meritocracy values at a time when a lot of us feel like the American meritocracy doesn’t value very much about us at all. It is just sort of like everything about him. He’s like the American ideal at the very moment that we feel like we’re the opposite of the American ideal,” Vance said.

“The natural question that comes – especially in the modern political context as part of that – is the fact he has black skin. I think for some people that’s definitely part of it. But I continue to think the racial explanation of the reaction to Obama doesn’t quite capture how much everything about him is both enviable but also dislikable. Because we dislike the things that we envy,” he added.

Big League Politics has reported on how Vance was a Never Trumper in 2016, voting for CIA operative Evan McMullin, before realizing he could attach himself to the Trump movement to help his political ambitions:

Author J.D. Vance has been promoted for years by the likes of CNN, the New York Times, and even Hollywood, as his best-selling book Hillbilly Elegy was adapted into a movie for the pro-pedo video streaming platform Netflix.

Now, a Super PAC backing Vance is receiving millions of dollars from oligarchs such as tech billionaire Peter Thiel for a possible run for U.S. Senate in Ohio. Vance is promoting a polite and sanitized vision of populism in the Republican Party that is more palatable to the political establishment than Trump’s crude no-holds-barred approach.

However, the neoconservative ‘America Last’ Never Trumpers at The Bulwark have pointed out Vance’s history as an ivy league elitist who voted against Donald Trump in 2016.

“Whatever the future of the Republican party will be, the shape-shifting J.D. Vance sheds light on the dynamics of how we got here and where the Republican party is headed,” Mona Charen wrote about Vance’s likely U.S. Senate candidacy.

Charen lauded Vance for his book that blamed white people for all of their problems, nearly completely ignoring the myriad ways the U.S. government and their corporate partners have sold out the country.

“Vance emerged as an authentic voice of the working class—a self-styled “hillbilly” no less—to declare that the problems of many working-class people were largely self-inflicted,” she wrote.

However, Charen and the neocons are no longer infatuated with Vance now that he is attempting to grift off of Trump’s MAGA revolution to get into public office. She makes the point that Vance hated Trump before it became possible to ride his coattails and steal his spotlight.

“I think that I’m going to vote third party because I can’t stomach Trump. I think that he’s noxious and is leading the white working class to a very dark place,” Vance said in 2016. He would go on to vote for CIA operative Evan McMullin, who supported impeaching Trump based on Russia lies.

Even though Vance hated Trump, he remained aware that he could benefit from Trump’s rise. He reportedly told his agent at the time: “If Trump wins it would be terrible for the country, but good for book sales.” This shows the type of conniving mindset that drives Vance’s political ambitions beyond his national populist veneer.”

Vance is being propped up by billionaires to seize the mantle of “America First” populism from Trump. He is not likely to succeed in this dastardly subterfuge operation after the voters of Ohio are made aware of his true record.

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