Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants Grand Jury to Investigate ATF Raid on FFL

On June 16, 2023, ATF agents raided the Tuskahoma, Oklahoma home of Russell Fincher — A federal firearm licensee who is a high school teacher and serves as a Baptist pastor. 

A 12-man SWAT team was deployed to Fincher’s home under the pretext of punishing him for suspected gun control violations. Curiously, Fincher has yet to be charged with a crime. 

The ATF goons handcuffed Fincher on his porch in front of his son despite him complying with the agents’ order. The agents forced Fincher to give up his FFL. Throughout the ordeal, the ATF agents disabled Fincher’s security cameras and confiscated over 50 of his guns, which possessed a value of over $60,000. 

State Representative Justin Humphrey instantly jumped on this case due to Fincher being one of his constituents. Humphrey crafted a probable cause affidavit that he sent to the Oklahoma Attorney General, which details the crimes and civil rights violations he asserts ATF agents committed when they raided Fincher’s home.

“I struggle with seeking charges against fellow police officers. However, it appears ATF is abusing their police powers and violating their oaths of office. I believe the ATF has committed crimes and violated Fincher’s civil rights and due process of law,” Humphrey wrote in the probable cause affidavit.

When he first started investigating the raid, Humphrey requested that the ATF provide a copy of the search warrant. “They refused,” he stated. “I’ve been an officer for 30-plus years. They were supposed to leave a copy of the search warrant at Russell’s home. It spells out their probable cause.”

Ultimately, Humphrey wants all the ATF agents arrested and charged with various state crimes in addition to civil rights violations. 

Humphrey stressed the importance of having the ATF investigated by a Oklahoma grand jury as opposed to federal actors, who will likely do everything to derail an impartial investigation 

“The Oklahoma Attorney General referred it to the U.S. Attorney General, but we want to get it to a state grand jury,” Humphrey stated. “We don’t want the feds investigating the feds. Let’s get it before an Oklahoma grand jury.”

Hopefully, Humphrey’s move gains traction. The ATF is an evil entity that must be punished for its misbehavior. At the end of the day, true accountability will only come from state level actors not the feds. The feds have every reason to perpetuate themselves, so it will take outsiders to make sure that the ATF is put in its place.

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