Oklahoma Senator Nathan Dahm Files Legislation Banning Sanctuary Cities in Oklahoma

Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm wants to put a stop to sanctuary city policies in Oklahoma.

According to a report from Fox 25, Dahm filed Senate Bill 1459, which would ban any municipality in Oklahoma from implementing sanctuary city policies.

These policies protect illegal aliens from facing federal prosecution.

Under Dahm’s bill, any city or town that institutes sanctuary policies would not be eligible for state funding via agencies and grants.

“In the past, we have had cities say they would willingly violate federal immigration laws by declaring their cities a sanctuary for those law-breaking foreigners,” Dahm stated. “Senate Bill 1459 says no such sanctuary policy can be implemented in our state, and any government entity that violates these laws would be subject to loss of funds until they uphold the law.”

Sanctuary policies also bar municipality officers from verifying or reporting the immigration status of any illegal alien within the municipality to federal agencies or officials.

On top of that, sanctuary policies grant illegal aliens the right to legally reside in a municipality in clear violation of federal law and prevent law enforcement officers from inquiring about an individual’s citizenship or immigration status.

SB 1459 authorizes legislators to request a legal opinion from the Attorney General’s office when they receive a complaint about a municipality violating federal immigration laws.

If funding is cut off for a city under the bill, the Attorney General would have to determine if the city is following the law in order to restore funding.

Dahm has hit the ground running on all legislative fronts from Second Amendment rights to constitutional matters in recent months.

Through his legislative action, Oklahoma Senator has quickly become a friend of gun owners and those who believe in limited government.

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