Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy Targeted by Furious Cancel Campaign for Wearing OANN Shirt

Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy became the target of a furious politically correct online mob on Monday, for having the audacity to wear a shirt affiliated with a conservative media organization while on a private fishing trip.

A picture of Gundy wearing a shirt associated with One America News Network surfaced online Monday morning. OANN is a conservative-leaning TV channel known for infuriating the left, with mainstream media operatives continually pressing to deplatform it from White House Press Briefings.

Shortly after, Oklahoma State’s star player, running back Chuba Hubbard, announced that he would begin a boycott of the school, declining to play until “things change.”

Burns Hagis, the University President, immediately caved to the thought-policing mob, claiming that the university community “wouldn’t stand for the insensitive behavior” of wearing an OANN shirt.

Sports, one of the few cultural practices that formerly united the American people, no can no longer continue in large part due to the political animosity the left possess towards any nominal conservative-leaning individual associated with it.

Gundy has been the football coach of Oklahoma State for 15 years, and has been thought of as a historic figure for the school’s football program. Now, he will likely be fired for wearing a tshirt associated with a conservative news network in his free time.

College football no longer deserves your attention or your respect.

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