Oklahoma Student Expelled From University for Posting ‘It’s Okay to be White’ Fliers

Institutional anti-white discrimination continues to ramp up, as an Oklahoma university has expelled a student for posting “it’s okay to be white” fliers on campus.

The Oklahoma City University School of Law has expelled a male student who was already suspended for having the audacity to exercise his 1st Amendment rights on campus.

OCU Police Director Bill Citty confirmed that free speech is no more, as diversity and multiculturalism strangle the life out of the former land of the free.

“The reason you look into those types of things is you want to make sure the individual is not a threat to other students,” he said. “You have to look into those issues in this date and time. People worry, students worry, staff worry, parents worry. You have to make sure.”

Similar to the “OK” symbol and the bowl cut, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has claimed that the “It’s okay to be white” statement is evil and racist, tracing its usage to the infamous 4chan internet forum. The anti-American leftist special interest group is desperate to demonize all speech that is even nominally pro-white.

“Whether the original trollers were white supremacist or not, actual white supremacists quickly began to promote the campaign—often adding Internet links to white supremacist websites to the fliers or combining the phrase with white supremacist language or imagery. This was not a surprise, as white supremacists had themselves used the phrase in the past—including on fliers—long before the 4chan campaign originated,” the ADL wrote in their resource about the slogan.

The anti-white campaign by the ADL has caused more mass hysteria, which has prompted law enforcement and even the FBI to profile people who post fliers with this statement around the country. This is what police are focusing on rather than fighting violent crime and illegal immigration, thanks to the ADL and their collaborators.

“We know that similar or identical stickers have been placed on other campuses in central Ohio and the FBI in its investigation of the matter believes the stickers are being placed by individuals from outside of the campuses,” Ohio Wesleyan University President Rock Jones said after the fliers were found on his campus.

“The notice that the FBI sent us showed Capital University, Ohio Dominican, Columbus State, Ohio State, us … (and) Otterbein,” said Dwayne Todd, OWU vice president of student engagement and success. “All those schools had images from the same group posted.”

While this hysteria is abominable and another proof of widespread idiocracy, the “it’s okay to be white” flier campaign has been an undeniable success. Activists have exposed the racist, anti-white conspiracy that persists throughout the organized Left.

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