Old Tweets Show that Hack CNN Reporter Used to Hate CNN

A former reporter at Glenn Beck’s failed The Blaze is taking heat for tweets that he posted a few years ago mocking CNN, the network for whom he now works.

“At what point does CNN not let people just make stuff up on the airwaves,” current CNN Senior Media Reporter Oliver Darcy asked in 2016. “One thing to argue for your guy, another to just invent things.”

Reporter Ryan Saavedra unearthed the tweets, including one that made fun of the network for overusing the “Breaking News” banner.

“I seriously can’t remember the last time I looked up at CNN and didn’t see the ‘BREAKING NEWS’ banner,” Darcy wrote.

Darcy also sarcastically called out the network for reporting on a seaplane that almost landed on a whale.

“Some hard-hitting breaking news from CNN tonight:” he said. 

He also lambasted anchor Don Lemon for not knowing anything about firearms…

…and Kathy Griffin for taking her shirt off during live New Years Eve coverage with Anderson Cooper, before Griffin was dropped over a photoshoot holding President Donald J. Trump’s severed head.

Amazingly, Darcy has not deleted the tweets.

CNN was bitter about Saavedra’s sleuthing.

“Oliver was critical of CNN before, just as he is now,” a CNN spokesperson told Fox News. “CNN is a place where opinions and ideas are valued. And we encourage staff to share their thoughts about the organization – both positive and critical. While this might seem like an exotic concept to you, we’d headline it ‘Media Reporter Does Job.’ This is a nothing story.”

The formerly conservative journalist either had a massive change of heart, or he simply sold out to CNN. We’ll let our readers decide.