Oligarch Paul Singer Buying Up Twitter Shares in Buyout Push, Jack Dorsey May Get Fired

Vulture capitalist Paul Singer is attempting to replace Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in the midst of a buyout push.

Singer is a registered Republican and has been a prolific donor to Republican candidates before. But don’t be fooled- the vulture fund billionaire is an intense liberal, as shown in his staunch opposition to President Donald Trump.

Singer’s Elliot Fund Management is said to be amassing large portions of Twitter stock. The New York billionaire is attempting to install four new directors to the company’s board, and is pushing hard to replace the company’s founder and longtime CEO Jack Dorsey.

Should Singer prove able to gain control of Twitter, it’s very unlikely he’d counteract the trend towards silencing and censoring conservative users of the social media platform. If anything, he’d probably push a business model in which small content creators are sidelined in favor of major corporate advertisers and sponsored mainstream media content.

It’s possible Singer could merely look to mine the social media platform for profit before casting it into oblivion. Tucker Carlson broke down Singer’s track record of destroying American companies for profit, most recently stripping outdoors company Cabelas of profitable assets before selling it, leaving hundreds of people in middle America out of a job.

A Singer acquistion of Twitter would bring the platform in line with existing corporate mainstream media structures, perhaps copying YouTube’s trend towards nuking small channels and independent content creators in favor of massive corporate news entities like MSNBC and CNN.

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