Ontario Government Employee Was Canned Over Making $100 Donation to Freedom Convoy

According to a report by CTV News, the communications director for the Ontario ministry was fired early last week after it was revealed that she made a $100 donation to the Freedom Convoy. 

Marion Isabeau-Ringuette’s donation to the Freedom Convoy was uncovered in the hack of donors to a GiveSendGo campaign. Per a ZeroHedge report, she was one of the people on a list of 100,000 donors that was leaked after this hack.

“For the communications director to be financially supporting an unlawful, illegal occupation is definitely concerning,” stated NDP Member of Provincial Parliament Catherine Fife. “Who was donating, why were they donating, and did this contribute to the non-action that happened on the ground in Ottawa?”

Ontario Premier Doug Ford’ spokeswoman Ivana Yelich stated, “Ms. Isabeau-Ringuette no longer works for the Ontario government.”

In the CTV News report by Jon Woodward, it noted the following:

Isabeau-Ringuette worked as a political staffer as recently as Sunday for Ontario’s Solicitor-General, the position that oversees police and other law enforcement in Ontario.

The $100 donation was listed as anonymous on GiveSendGo, but in a pair of leaked documents totaling nearly 100,000 donations, one line reads “M.R.” with an email address that contains Isabeau-Ringuette’s name. 

In addition, another employee who works for the federal correctional service is being investigated for potentially donating to the convoy. In a similar vein, a pollster connected to the Progressive Conservative party was also accused of donating to the trucker protests according to a NDP news release. 

A Toronto-based lawyer Nainesh Kotak noted that small donors to the protests could potentially have their bank accounts frozen due to the Trudeau regime invoking the Emergencies Act.

“Under this enactment I would suggest the government could freeze bank accounts if they chose to do so,” he noted. Kotak added “That’s concerning. The targets should be the bigger players.”

Canadian authorities recently issued an order to freeze donations to the trucker protesters. On top of that, the Trudeau regime has urged cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada to not do business with addresses that are connected to the trucker protests.

The illusion of liberal democracy has finally collapsed. It’s become clear that Canada is just another authoritarian polity that treats its citizens like subjects that are to be poked and prodded by petty authoritarians.

Americans should be alarmed by this kind of behavior taking place across their border. If they don’t remain vigilant, this kind of tyranny will make its way here. 

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