OOPS: Buttigieg Voter in Iowa Asks for Do Over After Realizing Mayor Pete Has a Husband

A conservative Democrat participating in the Iowa caucus asked for a do over after getting duped by presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, who she did not realize was a homosexual in a gay marriage when she cast her vote for him.

The caucus attendee from Cresco was shocked after she learned that Buttigieg was married to a man and immediately wanted to take her vote back when she learned the shocking news.

A Buttigieg precinct captain, Nikki Heever told the caucus goer that her vote was likely final before the two had a discussion. Heever attempted to lecture regarding why Buttigieg’s homosexuality shouldn’t matter when casting a vote, but the Christian Democratic caucuser was not having any of it. She refused to budge from her Biblical beliefs regarding marriage only being between a man and a woman.

The video can be seen here:

While the caucus goer may have been duped, it is shocking that she was unaware about Buttigieg’s homosexuality because he has gone out of his way to make his sexual exploits an integral part of his campaign.

Buttigieg has even trotted around his husband Chasten on the campaign trail, holding hands and kissing the man publicly to flaunt his lifestyle choice to Americans:

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said on Monday he does not believe the fact that he is gay and married to another man will hurt him with America’s voters.

Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend Indiana who married his husband Chasten Buttigieg in 2018, said he won a landslide re-election in South Bend in 2015 – with over 80 percent of the vote – despite coming out as gay several months earlier.

Asked what he wants to say to voters about the thought of a gay couple in the White House, Buttigieg said he believes voters would not be put off by that.

“I would ask them to think about what kind of president I would make, and how I would serve them,” Buttigieg said.

Buttigieg said when he revealed he was gay during his 2015 mayoral re-election bid, he said “we weren’t sure what the politics of it would be. South Bend was generally Democratic but also quite socially conservative.”

Yet, Buttigieg said, he was re-elected in a landslide “because people just cared about what kind of job I was doing for them as mayor.”

If somehow Buttigieg snatches the nomination, expect a coalition of Democrats to feel similarly to this woman.

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