Open Borders Activist Doxxes ICE Employees on Medium Blog

A self-proclaimed artist from Brooklyn put his unemployment to good use today, compiling a list of more than 1500 people on LinkedIn who are employed by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

“As ICE continues to ramp up its inhumane surveillance and detention efforts, I believe it’s important to document what’s happening, and by whom, in any way we can,” Sam Lavigne wrote on his personal Medium blog.

His account has been suspended by Medium, but the Internet is forever. Big League Politics has received screenshots from the vile post. Lavigne also proudly displayed his work on his Twitter account, which will likely be made private at any second:

In his post, Lavigne made a juvenile rallying call to fight the “entrenched power structures” by directing public scorn towards men and women whose job it is to keep Lavigne and the rest of the public at large safe:

Nowhere did Lavigne mention that a vast majority of the kids detained at the border came to America without their parents. Why bother researching before whipping up an internet mob to harass ICE employees?

Big League Politics reported yesterday:

“Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen revealed Monday that 10,000 of the 12,000 children detained at the border came to the border without parents with him, smacking down the mainstream media narrative that the Trump administration is tearing many families apart out of callous disregard for illegal immigrants.

The illegal immigrant child-detention program that was criticized during the Obama administration is a policy that President Donald Trump is trying to end, pressuring Democrats to get on board with an immigration bill that funds his Wall and creates merit-based immigration among other policy planks.”

BLP Passage Ends. 

Lavigne is a product of the apoplectic anti-Trump media complex which dominates the narrative among headline-only readers all over the America.

Thanks to quick work of Medium, most of the brave men and women at ICE should be able to avoid a substantial amount of grief.

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