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OPINION: America and Australia Must Ally on Immigration Restriction to Contain China



The U.S. and Australia have had strong diplomatic relations for decades. Given their linguistic commonalities and Anglo-Saxon background such an alliance is only natural.

For 75 years, Australia has had diplomatic relations with the U.S. Additionally, the two countries have 100 Years of Mateship (Friendship) and have fought together in all of the U.S.’s major military conflicts.

Fast forward to 2020, the alliance is not only intact, but it could be strengthened even further in the wake of the Wuhan virus outbreak. The Communist Party of China (CPC) recently threatened to economically undermine Australia’s economy over the current government’s calls for a probe into the Chinese government’s handling of the Wuhan virus outbreak.

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Sky News Australia reported that China threatened to block imports of Australian goods and prevent Chinese citizens from traveling to the country. “Ambassador Cheng Jingye on Monday said the push was ‘dangerous’ and could encourage Chinese citizens to not purchase Australian exports or travel to the nation,” Sky News reported. The Australian government views the Chinese government’s threats as an attack on their economy.

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Foreign Minister Marise Payne criticized Cheng Jingye’s comments as an “economic hit.” The government however is not backing down from the call for an independent inquiry, with Foreign Minister Marise Payne criticizing the threat of an economic hit due to the push,” Sky added.

Ambassador Cheng Jingye claims that pushing for a probe would “encourage” China to not do business with Australia.

According to Sky News Australia reporter Tom Connell, Australian politicians are united in their push for a “global independent” investigation into the Wuhan virus.

The Chinese Ambassador to Australia actually conceded that China’s response to the pandemic has not been “perfect.” When asked about the matter of Australia taking sides with the U.S. on wanting to launch a probe into China, Cheng declared, “It’s a kind of pandering to the assertions that are made by some forces in Washington.”

“Over a certain period of time, some guys are attempting to blame China for their problems and deflect the attention.” Cheng added. “So what is being done by the Australia side? The proposition is a kind of teaming up with those forces in Washington and to launch a kind of political campaign against China.”

“The Chinese public is frustrated, dismayed, and disappointed with what Australia is doing now,” Cheng noted.

“I think in the long term… if the mood is going from bad to worse, people would think ‘Why should we go to such a country that is not so friendly to China?’ “The tourists may have second thoughts”, Cheng also remarked.

Neon Nettle recently reported that a Chinese-owned food company recently started to shut down slaughterhouses and processing plants across America, which has placed the U.S.’s meat supply in a considerable predicament.

America’s meat supply is on the ropes because workers at facilities have caught the Wuhan virus, which has led to closures all over the nation.

Neon Nettle highlighted the gravity of the situation:

Perhaps the most alarming fact to emerge from the news is that the largest provider of pork in the U.S. is owned by a corporation based in China. Popular meat brands Nathan’s Famous, Farmland, Eckrich, Armour, and Healthy Ones, to name a few, all fall under the umbrella of Smithfield Foods – the largest producer of pork products in the United States.

China poses a unique challenge to the free countries of the West.

The U.S. should strongly consider immigration policies that restrict Chinese nationals’ movement into the country.

Similarly, it should recommend the same to Australia which has both significant Chinese investment in the country and a large presence of Chinese nationals within the country.

Immigration restriction is a reasonable soft power approach to handling China.

China’s authoritarian legacy continues to live on. Even in its relatively re-branded state, the country poses a unique challenge to the West.

The Anglosphere can get the China question right by restricting Chinese migration altogether.


OPINION: Why Nobody is Telling the Truth about the Jan. 6 Capitol Siege

Even many conservatives are scared of the truth.



The coverage surrounding the Jan. 6 siege on the U.S. Capitol is some of the worst I have experienced throughout my years of reporting and opining on the news. 

And it’s not just coming from the Left, who are desperate to spin that President Trump and his supporters are the ringleaders of a treasonous insurrection. Conservatives have dropped the ball in reporting on the matter as well.

There is a concerted effort to shoehorn the narrative that a small handful of ANTIFA provocateurs engineered the whole scene. In the social media age, there will always be individuals who hope to maximize carnage to increase their followings and get clicks. This is a sad fact of life, and it is being used by lazy and disingenuous conservatives to reject blame and refrain from grabbling with the serious implications of what occurred.

These conservatives throw Trump supporters under the bus, suggesting that they are dumb enough to be held hostage to the whims of maybe a dozen or so leftist provocateurs. Heroes who displayed tremendous courage, like Air Force veteran turned patriot martyr Ashli Babbitt who was executed in the Capitol by an officer, have been completely dismissed as a result of this dishonest reporting. These voices are ostensibly suggesting that only ANTIFA would ever dare to make a stand, as True Conservatives™ only wave the flag and vote harder when confronted with tyranny.

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This false narrative ignores what has been occurring in the grassroots American Right. The government institutions supported by conservatives with an almost religious fervor, namely the police and the military, have failed them. The police protected the officials who covered up election fraud in crucial battleground states and crushed the rights of whistleblowers. This is fueling radicalization as conservatives are forced to flirt with options they never hoped to consider.

Ornery right-wing protesters now chant “f*ck the blue” as they watch cops protect ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter thugs. They are watching a literal military occupation of Washington D.C. take place, with the troops used as pawns to prop up a ruler lacking legitimacy with tens of millions of Americans. They’d never be deployed to keep out foreign invaders, but they will certainly be used to keep the commoners in line. Conservatives become laughingstocks when they appeal to law-and-order sentiments under these conditions. The Left used the U.S. Constitution to bludgeon Trump in the courts and obstruct his agenda. When the rule of law is no more, what alternative is there to rebellion?

I want to make clear that this is not a defense of what happened at the U.S. Capitol. The rioters were certainly lawless, bloodthirsty, and acted with reckless abandon. They defiled sacred ground, as the political class has made clear in the aftermath, and may have opened Pandora’s box with the ramifications. A 9/11-style overreach is being prepared against the patriotic remnant of America, and there will likely be no turning back. Whether it is ultimately remembered as the modern incarnation of the Boston Tea Party or an infamous and humiliating display of America’s startling decline as an empire will be determined by the historians.

The insults and smears from the elites toward the rioters are similar to the contempt that Tory loyalists had for the founding-era revolutionaries as they agitated against British royalty. The Founding Fathers were men who seized the moment and did the unthinkable using means that would offend modern holier-than-thou conservatives. They defaced property, committed politically-motivated beatings, boiled their opponents’ skin with hot tar, and delegitimized standing government officials with aggressive propaganda campaigns. This is the history of America that the globalist establishment and their ANTIFA/BLM shock troops desperately want to erase from the record.

The display on Jan. 6 shows that the America of old will be very difficult to put down. The official conservative movement, with its rigid gatekeeping at every level, does not want the truth to be known. Many Trump backers, desperate to protect the president, want to obscure the truth as well. They do not want to admit that the populist America First movement inspired by Trump is evolving into a leaderless force capable of spontaneous mass action. The energy from Trump’s frenetic rallies is taking shape into a movement that can overtake a Capitol in an afternoon. This is the truth that so many on the Right are incentivized to deny.

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