OPINION: The Narrative of Insurrection

The narrative of insurrection is so loud right now among those pushing Communism, their sick allies in big tech and the lying press, that I feel I must remind you, dear reader, about what the US Capitol really is…..a whorehouse.

Over the last fifty years red whores and blue whores have been bought and paid for by special interests, big banks and global corporations and have not once done what is right for the average suffering American family.

The whores in the Capitol have time and time again sent our family members and friends to die overseas in wars that stuff the pockets of fat cats and raise the stock prices of defense contractors.

The whores in the Capitol sold American industry down the river while making Communist China unimaginably wealthy.

While tens of millions of Americans continue to stand in bread lines the whores in the Capitol could not bother to provide proper direct cash relief.

The extreme push back towards those who have expressed their grievances in a similar manner of the founders of this nation has made me realize that the assembly of whores which meets in the chambers of the American Congress have monetized everything, our families, our attention, our labor, our affection, our honor, our speech, our sacrifice; the great whoredom has put a price on everything and sold it out to the unblinking screens of the technocrats.

As citizens of the greatest nation in modern history we deserve better then to be governed and lorded over by political whores and technocrats.

Our birthright is liberty.

Our birthright is freedom.

Our birthright is the ability to think independently, to live in a manner that aligns with our convictions and morals and to raise our families free from the filth that flows like a sewer from the bought and paid for chambers of Congress.

The road forward will be a difficult one for many, but for those who are willing it will lead us towards liberation from those who hate humanity.

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