O’Reilly Accuser Calls Trump A Liar, Says American People Can’t Figure Out What’s Important

Bill O’Reilly accuser and former Fox News anchor Juliet Huddy came out strong against President Donald Trump in a Facebook comment captured by Big League Politics.

Juliet Huddy alleged sexual misconduct against O’Reilly after she admitted to having lunch with him at his house on a Saturday. She signed a non-disclosure agreement as part of her settlement, and subsequently went on Megyn Kelly’s show to talk about O’Reilly. Huddy claimed that she turned O’Reilly down when he came on to her. She took a settlement of high six figures.

Huddy makes clear on Facebook that she is not a Trump fan, in response to a post about the alleged Stormy Daniels affair. Huddy seems to think that the Stormy situation is a circus freak sideshow, but clearly sympathizes with the concerns of people who believe that Trump is responsible for “lies.”

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