OUCH: CBS News Destroys ‘Lincoln Project’ Co-Founder Rick Wilson for Record of Extreme Hypocrisy

Long-time GOP political hack Rick Wilson has turned on his former party because of President Donald Trump, co-founding the Lincoln Project in an attempt to sabotage Trump’s chances at re-election.

However, Wilson’s Benedict Arnold routine has not impressed liberals. CBS News tore him apart in a recent animated clip showcasing his incredible hypocrisy. The animated hosts of “Inside the Hill” grilled Wilson and the Lincoln Project for being connected to the former administration of George W. Bush.

“We really miss Bush. He always did what was right for the country, that country being Saudi Arabia,” one of the hosts said.

Wilson retorted by attempting to get the conversation back to President Trump, whom he called “unquestionably the worst president in history.”

The hosts lampooned Wilson by juxtaposing the “bad” deficit increases, corruption, racism and countless deaths of Trump against the “good” deficit increases, corruption, racism and countless deaths of Bush.

“Ya know, I miss the Republican Party before it embraced Trump, back when it only laid the groundwork for him,” an animated host remarked.

The hosts noted that MSNBC hosts have coalesced around the Lincoln Project and supported globalist neoconservatives reinventing themselves as Democrats in the age of Trump. They brought up some of Wilson’s old offensive tweets against liberals, which made him squirm in his seat.

“Dear Nutroots lefties: You are Barack Obama’s bitch. You are pathetic little whores satisfied with crumbs and head-pats,” an old Wilson tweet from 2010 reads.

Wilson tried to distance himself from his old tweets, but the hosts continued to press him on his hypocrisy. They noted that the Lincoln Project spent 89.3 percent of its donations on overhead, which is far more than comparative operations, suggesting that the entire operation is a con to soak up money from suckers.

“You’re looking at the startup and acquisition costs from the first quarter. The second quarter is going to show that we have a massive amount of money escrowed in the bank for media and voter contact in the fall,” Wilson said in an attempt to explain his organization’s structure.

CBS News then debuted a mock-up ad in the style of the Lincoln Project that tore into the group’s advisors for supporting the atrocities of the Bush era.

“President Trump is the most incompetent corrupt president in history, and we have to do everything we can to stop him after compensating our strategists complicit in the deaths of countless innocent lives,” the fake ad stated.

“Stop this corrupt grifter ruining America. Donate to these savvy grifters who ruined it before and hope you don’t look into them,” the fake ad concluded.

The entire exchange can be seen here:

Wilson’s blistering by the fake news media shows that the anti-Trump neocons will never truly be accepted by the Democrats who they now placate.

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