Overdoses Deaths Topped 100,000 in 2021

While the DC ruling class and the corporate media would like people to focus their attention exclusively on geopolitical conflicts like the Russo-Ukrainian War, there’s a troubling social development that should be receiving wall-to-coverage. 

Namely, America’s growing number of drug overdose deaths. According to data initially released by the National Center for Health Statistics on May 11, 2022, there were over 100,000 drug overdose deaths. 

Per an Axios report, the 2021 figures represented a 15% increase in overdose deaths when compared to the 2020 figures. According to the National Center for Health Statistics’ data, at least 107,622 people succumbed to overdoses in 2021. In 2020, there were 93,655 overdose deaths. Opioid-related deaths increased from roughly 70,029 in 2020 to 80,816 in 2021. 

Alaska was the state which experienced the largest percentage increase in overdose deaths in 2021, with overdose deaths growing by 75.3% over the course of that time frame. 

In November 2021, overdoses deaths crossed the 100,000 mark in a 12-month period for the first time in history. 

America has a stark drug overdose problem. This is a product of a decadent culture combined with an open borders policy that allows Mexican drug cartels and similar transnational crime entities to flood the country with hard drugs such as opioids, cocaine, and methamphetamine. Cartels such as the Jalisco New Generation Cartel and Sinaloa Cartel have made a killing off the drug trade.

Cartel activity, largely facilitated by the US’s open borders policies, presents a real national security threat. This, not some conflict in Eastern Europe or in the South China Sea, should be the focus of all national security policy in the US. 

The best way to start addressing this problem is by fully securing the Southern border.

The populist Right is the only political force in the US that’s equipped to take on this challenge.

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