Overwhelming Majority of Americans Believe Gun Ownership is Good for Society 

According to a recent RMG Research poll, Americans still strongly support the right to bear arms and have not shifted in a hostile direction towards the concept of private gun ownership. 

Over 60% of voters “would prefer to live in a community where people are allowed to own guns,” the poll discovered. In addition, over 70% of voters indicated that “there are positive benefits to allowing private gun ownership.”

The overwhelming majority of Republicans agree with the sentiments put forward in the poll. Democrats themselves are split on the former question and agree with the latter question by almost 60%. 

According to a report by Just the News, these figures “are up from an earlier survey conducted in September, which found just under 60% of respondents were comfortable living in a community with private gun ownership.”

Americans aren’t giving up their firearms without a fight. The Second Amendment and the tradition of private gun ownership is so ingrained in the American political psyche that Gun Control Inc. will have a tough time passing radical gun control measures through conventional legislative means. 

The gun controllers will perhaps have to rely on mass migration to see their unholy civilian disarmament agenda through. After all, migrants are a solid pro-Democratic Party constituency. To achieve this tyrannical vision, gun controllers will ultimately have to “Elect a New People” because the American people will simply not sign on to the destruction of the Second Amendment. 

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