OWNED: Michigan Freedom Caucus Leader Releases Gretchen Whitmer Exposé One Week Before Her Major Book Launch

Michigan State Rep. Steve Carra (R-Three Rivers) is releasing a book, “True Gretchen” to steal the thunder from Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer one week before the launch of her book, “True Gretch.”

Carra’s book, scheduled for release on July 2, is a parody written facetiously in her voice that lampoons Whitmer’s narcissistic and trite upcoming book.

“When I meet people for the first time, they are always shocked by how quickly and efficiently I dismantled a once prosperous state. So just how did I pull it off, finding myself hovering closer each day to the once-respected White House?” the back cover of “True Gretchen” states.

“I’m Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan, and this book is about my rise to power. As an elite and ambitious cisgender female, I am eager to make decisions that will impact the whole world. Today, I’m telling my story about how I manipulate the people of Michigan. When I run for President, vote for me and I will control you too!” the back cover adds.

Big League Politics has reported on Whitmer’s record of stealing an election, sentencing the vulnerable to cruel lonely death sentences with her draconian COVID shutdown policies, faking a kidnapping plot to frame her political opposition, and bankrupting the state of Michigan with record spending:

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer recently paid off a former health director who was intimately involved in crafting COVID-19 policy housing patients with elderly folks in nursing homes and causing countless deaths.

Whitmer abruptly and unexpectedly paid off former state health department director Robert Gordon a bounty of $155,506 in which he signed a non-disclosure agreement of sorts. Critics are calling this a hush money payment in a desperate attempt to protect Whitmer from a criminal probe.

Additionally, Gordon assisted in operations at the absentee ballot processing center in Detroit and helped to institute a Gestapo-style regime at the TCF Center, where observers seeking to watch ballot counting were greeted with blocked-out windows. He was instrumental in the scheme to exploit the COVID-19 scamdemic to allow suspect mail-in ballots delivered at the dead of night with no accountability to be processed without poll challengers present.

If anyone knows where Whitmer’s bodies are buried so to speak, it is Gordon. After quietly resigning in January, Gordon negotiated the large payout through his attorney, Mark Totten. He signed a four-page agreement with the state on Feb. 22.

Carra is doing the right thing by heckling Whitmer and stealing her thunder. His book will contain far more truths than the slop written by Whitmer’s handlers, that’s for sure.

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