OWNED: Pilot Spells “FJB” And Flips The Bird To Biden In The Sky

A private pilot in Arizona recently spelled “FJB” in the sky and drew a subsequent middle finger before landing on his flight path.

OAN anchor Stephanie Hamill posted the comedic stunt on Twitter and also posted a confirmation of the flight path from Flight Aware.

The plane is reportedly a 1968 Cessna 150H that was registered in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) database to Aviato Research LLC, a Phoenix-based company.

This apparently was not the first time the pilot pulled a political stunt in the air, with a post by an account that appears to be owned by himself drawing a picture of Former President Donald Trump in January of 2020.

The phrase “FJB” is a commonly known acronym for the phrase “F*** Joe Biden,” which has become increasingly popular as American approval of the Biden Administration’s performance in office continues to drop. A meme translating the phrase to “Let’s Go Brandon” has also taken the country by storm after an MSNBC reporter interviewing a NASCAR driver named Brandon told him that the crowd was chanting his name. In reality, the crowd was clearly chanting the expletive phrase.

The same outlet has since written articles suggesting that those repeating the funny phrase are akin to the Nazis, Joseph Stalin, and Adolf Hitler.

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