OWNED: ‘The Federalist’ Employees Slam Never Trump Hack David Frum for Insinuation of Conservative Gender Bias

Disgraced former Bush speechwriter David Frum, who abandoned the GOP to become a Never Trumper and Democrat operative, made a complete idiot of himself on social media on Thursday.

Frum posted a bizarre conspiracy theory, naming people such as left-wing journalists Matt Taibbi and Glenn Greenwald, Fox News host Tucker Carlson, podcast host Joe Rogan, the writers at The Federalist, and Donald Trump Jr. as part of a new milieu centered around a mutual disdain for U.S. power, or something.

“Wanted: smart, non-polemical assessment of emergence of Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, Glenn Greenwald, Donald Trump Jr., Matt Taibbi, the Federalist group of writers etc. as a coherent and cohesive faction in American politics. They share more than just the same dislikes,” Frum wrote in a tweet.

He started a Twitter thread to justify selling out his party and his country while hurling accusations at various political enemies who he arbitrarily grouped together.

“Trump put racism, misogyny, cruelty, corruption, authoritarianism on a giant billboard and forced us all to look. Could we accept? Those who said No found themselves in tandem with others who said No,” Frum wrote.

“Trump pushed Never Trump Republicans into partnership with moderate Democrats – and prodded even formerly conservative minded people – to see power in ideas like Me Too and Black Lives Matter,” he added.

“And that’s what we’re seeing in this fusion of the pro-Trump right with factions of the far left. Both are mistrustful of US power as a force for good. Both recoil from “centrism.” And both have heard quite enough from women and minorities, thank you very much,” Frum concluded.

While Frum’s rant is obviously meritless drivel, he really stepped into it when he made a drive-by comment to virtue signal to his left-wing, anti-male “Resistance” followers.

Writers for The Federalist, the conservative media outlet that employs many female reporters, and other like-minded conservatives have spent the entire day dunking on Frum for his idiotic and humiliating comment.


Big League Politics has been hammering Frum for years as he has emerged as perhaps the most dishonest charlatan among the “Never Trump” defectors:

Former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum, a face of the NeverTrump “Republican” establishment, lost the Munk debate in Toronto to Steve Bannon, populist-nationalist CEO of the President Trump 2016 campaign and original Trump White House chief strategist.

Frum is one of the few media-friendly so-called conservatives still clinging to newsprint in the age of Trump by throwing spitballs at the wildly successful Commander in Chief. (He also wrote a book on W. Bush entitled “The Right Man,” lest we forget).

Bannon fans were looking forward to the confrontation…

Perhaps during term two, President Donald Trump could have Frum arrested for his role in devising and selling the public on the Iraq War.

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