Pair of Illegals Arrested With 81 Pounds of Cocaine in North Carolina

Two illegal aliens, one living in New York, and one living in North Carolina were arrested and charged with a litany of drug-related crimes after cops busted them with 81.4 pounds of cocaine.

“Edis Leonidas Herrera Mejia, 52, of New York, and Octavio Lopez Martinez, 53, of Raleigh, were charged with conspiring to sell, deliver and traffic in cocaine. They were arrested Sunday night in southeast Raleigh,” according to The Observer.

The report said that the Wake County Sheriff’s Office had surveillance on a tractor trailer moving from California to North Carolina before they made the bust. One of the illegals was transporting the drugs, while the other was supposed to receive the shipment, likely to distribute it.

That amount of cocaine has a street value of somewhere around $15 million.

“Mejia was also charged with trafficking in cocaine, according to his arrest warrants,” the report said. “Each man was being held Monday on a $5 million bond, court records show.”

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement is not able to place a detainer on the pair due to Wake County, North Carolina’s sanctuary policy.

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