Palestinian Deaths In Gaza Surpass 30,000

Towards the end of February, Israeli troops opened fire on a  crowd of Palestinians heading towards an aid convoy in Gaza City. Over 100 people were killed in this incident, which brought the death toll since October 7, 2023 to over 30,000.

Israeli officials admitted that Israeli troops opened fire on the crowd after it allegedly moved towards the military forces in a threatening manner. The officials maintained anonymity when they provided details about what had transpired. The military declared in a statement that “dozens were killed and injured from pushing, trampling and being run over by the trucks.”

Gaza City and the adjacent areas in the enclave’s north were first targeted by an Israeli air, sea and ground campaign, kicked off as a response to Hamas’ attack on Israel on October 7, 2023.

Although scores of Palestinians fled the Israeli invasion coming from the north, a few hundred thousand are suspected of staying in the area, which has been thoroughly rocked and has been largely isolated during the conflict. 

Aid groups assert that it has become next to impossible to supply humanitarian assistance in most of Gaza due to the difficulty of touching base with the Israeli military, continuous hostile acts, and the deterioration of public security. As a result, crowds of desperate people have flooded the aid convoys. The UN claims that a quarter of Gaza’s 2.3 million Palestinians are facing starvation conditions. Roughly 80% have left their homes.

Additionally, the Gaza Health Ministry claimed that the Palestinian death toll from the Israel-Gaza war reached 30,035, with an additional 70,457 getting wounded. The ministry’s figures point to women and children making up close to two-thirds of the Palestinians killed.

Since launching its offensive on Gaza after Hamas’ October 7 attack, Israel has prevented entry of food, water, medicine and other supplies save for a small amount of aid entering the south from Egypt.

Israel is clearly carrying out an ethnic cleansing campaign in Gaza as it’s using the pretext of attacking Hamas to displace Palestinians and consummate its ultimate goal of making Israel a 100% Jewish state. 

Israel can do as it pleases. However, the US should not provide financial and military aid to this endeavor whatsoever. 

Non-intervention is the path here.

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