PANDEMIC: The United States Now Has The Most Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in the WORLD

The United States surpassed China in amount of confirmed Chinese Coronavirus diagnoses on Thursday, having the most in the world.

81,321 Americans have been tested positive for the disease. This surpasses China’s most recent count of 81,285 cases of the virus. There are reasons to be skeptical of China’s honesty and transparency in reporting total diagnosis counts, but the spread of the disease in its country of origin has generally been blunted by the Chinese government’s restrictions on everyday activity.

The United States has thus far incurred far less deaths than China and Italy, however. Thursday’s Center for Disease Control statistics counted just over a thousand deaths in the nation fro the disease. China has admitted to incurring 3,287, and Italy- where the pandemic has proved more damaging than anywhere else- has suffered 8,215 fatalities.

The US may have become the leading confirmed country for coronavirus diagnoses on the basis of the high level of domestic travel that occurs within the country.

Conservatives claiming that this epidemic is merely a trifling disruption to everyday life need to seriously consider the implications of the United States’ elevated diagnosis rates. The nation still lags behind Italy’s diagnosis rate per capita, and China’s statistics cannot ultimately be trusted. The US is the first country with a large population in which the Wuhan virus has spread.

21 U.S. states have activated stay-at-home orders over the spread of the virus, and its severity appears to be worst in the New York City metro area.

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