Papa John’s Founder Says Chain Is Failing After Ditching ‘Principles’ And ‘Conservative Values’

Papa John’s founder and ex-chairman John Schnatter has some regrets about his former company. Claiming that his now woke pizza chain has abandoned the “conservative values” and “principles” he followed when he ran the company that led to its success.

Schnatter said he “built the whole company on conservative values” that have since been ignored. He stepped down as company chairman in 2018 after reports circulated of him using the N-word during a conference call in the past.

“I think [the company] really lost their way,” he added. “It used to be an operational-driven company. Now it’s a lawyer, PR-driven company. They don’t run their company on principles and values.”

Schnatter’s comments came during an interview with the Right Side Broadcasting Network at CPAC in Dallas, Texas last week. The ex-chairman argued that Papa John’s performance has been dwindling since his departure, alluding to the fact that wokeness has taken over and plagued the institution.

“They’re losing traffic, they’re losing customers. I think the traffic count’s less than what it was when I was there six years ago. Over 40% of the stores are losing money,” Schnatter said.

“They now are down with Little Caesar’s,” he continued, talking about the company’s failure to maintain the quality fans craved under his leadership. “So the thing has really got away from them.”

During the interview, Schnatter said that he was responsible for “the highest quality in the pizza category” 18 times in 19 years according to ratings by the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

He would then go on to describe this decline in quality by linking it to service, then culture before that. Two of the most important values that go into that formula, according to Schnatter, are “truth and God.”

“We used to say the pledge of allegiance to the country before meetings. We ran our business on principles. We had the highest quality, we had the best service, we had the best culture, we were voted the best place to work in Kentucky,” Schnatter said. “Papa John’s debunked every single element on the Left’s ideology. so unbeknownst to me I had a giant target on my back just by being the American dream and the folks around me living the American dream.”

Schnatter credits his successful pizza chain on principles and specifically conservative values. Based on his step-by-step formula towards quality and excellence, those attributes were key ingredients for turning Papa John’s into the household name it is today.

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