Papua New Guinea Restaurant Sells Trump Burger, Offers Selfies With Cardboard Trump

Trumpla Trump Burger Papa New Guinea

A Papua New Guinea restaurant released a President Donald Trump-themed cheeseburger and offers customers the opportunity to take a selfie with a cardboard cutout of President Trump if they order the meal.

While leftists routinely tell American conservatives that our entire country has become immensely unpopular on the world stage due to President Trump’s administration, at least one restaurant in Papa New Guinea appears not to have received the memo.

Mity Meat Haus’s Buffalo Burger in Port Moresby, Papa New Guinea is selling a Trump-themed cheeseburger, and it seems to be a hit with the locals. The Trumpla Trump Burger features 12oz of beef in three patties layered with slices of Swiss cheese, topped with “American mustard”, New York relish and a side of coleslaw mix.

According to one American working in Papa New Guinea, customers who are brave enough to order the beefy burger are invited to take a selfie with a cardboard cutout of President Trump.

The restaurant initially added the burger as a special in early October, but after advertising the Trumpla Trump Burger on Facebook, customers asked for it to remain on the menu permanently.


While mainstream media outlets have maintained that President Trump has lowered America’s standing on the world stage, citing polls that suggest America’s popularity is plummeting under Trump, reality seems to paint a different picture.

Even setting aside this latest, mouthwatering example of America’s popularity, “Uncle Trump” seems to have throngs of fans in China, while Brazil elected Jair Bolsonaro, who has been hailed as the “Trump of the Tropics”. Meanwhile, Trump became even more popular with Russians after meeting with President Vladimir Putin earlier this year, and Poland is in the process of naming its newest military base Fort Trump.

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