Parents Revolt After California Implements Graphic Sex Ed Program for K-12 Students

California is set to implement some of the most graphic and obscene sexual ed in the country for K-12 public school students, and a sizable group of concerned parents are standing up in defiance to the state’s plan.

California’s Department of Education has been readying the new comprehensive sex ed program for months, which includes a lengthy list of sexual literature meant to be assigned to students. The standards will introduce students in the third grade to concepts such as gender fluidity, and the notion that individuals can identify with whatever gender they want.

High school students will be taught about a wide variety of deviant sexual practices, such as bondage, ‘fisting,’ and what the state describes as ‘blood play.’

Even in a state as politically progressive as California, it appears the Department of Education’s shocking new sex ed program won’t be rammed through without a fight from concerned parents. A new organization called ‘Informed Parents of California‘ claims to have gathered a network of 18,000 people opposed to the state’s decision to educate their children in obscenity.

One of California’s few remaining Republican state senators has proposed legislation that would allow parents to shield their children from the obscene and sexual content the state wishes to teach them in. Mike Morrell, Rancho Cucamonga’s Senator, has proposed establishing a system in which parents would have to opt their children in to sex ed before the sixth grade.

It seems such a basic and common-sense compromise on the state’s comprehensive sex-ed program may not be enough for Democrats, as the Department of Education appears dead-set on presenting transgenderism and unconventional sexual practice to the state’s youth.

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