Parents Speak Out Following Transgender ‘Brainwashing’ of 13-Year-Old Girl at Public School

British parents Ashleigh and Ged Barnett have had their little girl taken from her by the LGBT cult, as they allege that a public school “brainwashed” their teenage child into thinking she is transgender.

Their 13-year-old daughter, who they claim had shown no signs of being transgender before last September, had been referred to the head of the LGBT club at her public school by a teaching assistant with no formal training. This is when the demonic transformation started, after her alleged exposure to pro-trans propaganda that showed the benefits of surgical procedures to remove body parts.

“Our daughter was egged on to feel that she’s a boy in a girl’s body,” Mrs. Barnett said.

“The teaching assistant also pointed her in the direction of a YouTube website of a trans activist, which featured a video where they showed off their mastectomy scars and told how well the operation had gone,” she added.

The parents were not notified that their little girl was being subjected to this propaganda, and they feel betrayed by the school as a result. The 13-year-old girl has been inducted into a lifestyle that regularly leads to suicide, genital mutilation, sexual degeneracy, and heavy drug use.

“The school didn’t think it was fit to tell us. We are her parents, but responsibility to care for our child has been taken away. The attitude is that it’s the child’s choice and it’s got nothing to do with us,” Mrs. Barnett said.

She added: “Children at 13 or 14, especially girls, are sometimes not happy in their own bodies – that’s what puberty does to you. They are very vulnerable. It only takes one person with an agenda to plant a little seed that they are ‘in the wrong body.'”

Mrs. Barnett also claims that school officials started referring to her daughter by a boy’s name and encouraging her to change her clothes in a cubicle reserved for boys.

Headteacher Jane Davies of Hoe Valley School in Woking, Surrey defends the school’s propagandizing of the young girl and maintains that the school has no responsibility to inform the parents of their daughter’s mental health and well-being.

“We will continue to provide a safe environment for [your child], but it is not our place to alert you to how she feels,” she wrote. “It is important that you understand that she is old enough to make her own decisions.”

The Barnett family believes that the school’s response is bollocks and what they allowed to happen to their daughter is inexcusable.

“It’s no coincidence that she showed no signs of gender dysphoria immediately prior to the “mentoring”, but presented with classic signs afterwards,” Mr. Barnett said.

“Last August she had lovely long hair, wore a dress and make-up, and looked like a pretty teenage girl. By November, she didn’t look like the same child,” Mrs. Barnett said.

The parents have filed several complaints alleging that the school “failed to tell us our daughter had identified as transgender” and “failed to prevent radicalization.” The daughter is now seeing a psychologist who feels it was “appalling” that school administrators with no formal training were allowed to manipulate this young girl with no parental consent.

Agents of Moloch have infiltrated schools in Britain and elsewhere throughout the globe to corrupt the souls of precocious, innocent kids. This is only the latest horror story of an LGBT agenda that is facilitating worldwide child abuse on a previously unfathomable scale.

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