Parkland Father Demands for Red Flag Laws to be Used on Kaitlin Bennett Following Campus Gang Attack

One day after Infowars journalist Kaitlin Bennett was viciously assaulted by a mob of left-wing terrorists at Ohio University (OU), a Parkland father and radical gun control advocate is calling for her to be stripped of her 2nd Amendment rights with red flag laws.

Fred Guttenberg, allegedly a father of a shooting victim in Parkland, Fla., wants Bennett to be robbed of her core freedoms because he was triggered because of an open carry rally she is planning to show that she is completely undaunted by the left-wing terror mob.

“I will absolutely be returning to @ohiou’s campus again, and next time I’ll bring an army of gun owners for an open carry walk through campus,” Bennett wrote on Twitter. “You can’t keep us away and you can’t keep us silent. Just like Donald Trump, we will always win.”

Guttenberg told Newsweek that Bennett’s comment “pushes for the possibility of gun violence” and should be taken as a threat, despite the lack of any call for conflict in her statement.

“This person @KaitMarieox is desperately seeking attention. However, what she may need is for an ERPO to be issued. Sorry Kait, not getting the attention you wanted is not a reason to threaten gun violence. In fact, your tweet is the reason that open carry should not exist,” Guttenberg wrote in a Tweet.

An “ERPO,” or an extreme risk protection order, is another euphemism for “red flag laws,” which have been used across the country to take away the gun rights from individuals without due process.

Big League Politics has highlighted some of the worst abuses stemming from red flag laws that have occurred throughout the country, including a military veteran who lost his weapons due to a case of mistaken identity in Florida; a doctor snitching on a patient who was suing him so his guns would be confiscated in New Jersey; an Iraq War veteran who lost his guns after protesting the governor while wearing a MAGA hat in Oregon; and a man who lost his life when police came to confiscate his guns in Maryland.

Unfortunately for totalitarians such as Guttenberg, the state of Ohio does not have a red flag law in place, so Bennett’s 2nd Amendment rights are not in jeopardy.

Liberty Hangout posted video of Bennett being attacked by the mob of jackals yesterday as she tried to walk throughout the OU campus:

By putting herself out there and conducting bold activism in the face of severe adversity, Bennett is proving the need for universal gun rights, in order to fend off crazed liberals who would put a Soviet-style regime into power at the flip of a switch if they could get away with it.

Big League Politics will cover Bennett’s upcoming open carry rally at OU and the inevitable backlash it will receive from the extreme Left.

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