Parkland Student Activist: I Deleted My Tweet ‘Because My Team Asked Me To’

North Broward Prepatory School senior Emilie Smith, who has become a face of the gun-control push despite not even going to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, revealed that her “team” has jurisdiction over her tweets.

Smith, who has been featured by MTV News, made the bombshell revelation in a back-and-forth with pro-gun Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv.

Big League Politics’ Peter D’Abrosca reported:

A Sunday night Twitter post by David Hogg casts doubt that his Twitter account is actively managed by the student, and instead creates speculation that his liberal activist mother runs the page. The post tags Facebook, requesting they remove a fake account in his name, but the account that is shown logged in on Facebook in the top right corner is of his mother, Rebecca Boldrick.

The Tweet has been deleted, but Big League Politics has an exclusive screenshot of the Tweet.

Big League Politics broke the story showing that Hogg’s mother was a CNN VIP and vocal anti-Trump activist. Now it appears likely that Hogg’s mother has a much larger influence over the actions of the gun control activist’s public presence.

This also opens up the question of whether or not Boldrick is simply using her son’s newfound fame to promote her liberal agenda. The Twitter account, that now has over 400,000 followers has posted many non gun-related political Tweets in the past weeks.

During the union-led school strikes in West Virginia, Hogg posted a Tweet in support of the walkouts, which seemed odd for a High School Senior in Florida to have much of an opinion of.


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