Parkland Students Slam Their Pro-Gun Classmate Kyle Kashuv in Twitter Interview

Parkland, Florida anti-gun activists tore into their classmate Kyle Kashuv in a live group interview on Twitter Monday and joked that it’s unfortunate his life would be saved by gun control.

“He’s a voice for the politicians,” anti-gun crusader Cameron Kasky said of Kashuv, a Parkland survivor who has argued in favor of the Second Amendment.

Kashuv was not part of the Twitter interview. The interviewer read a statement on Twitter’s behalf saying that they are willing to collaborate with Kashuv on some kind of presentation at some point, but did not offer specifics.

“He does not seem interested in working with us. Message to him: If you want to march with us, feel free,” Cameron Kasky taunted his classmate.

“We will be fighting for people who don’t want us to fight for them. Unfortunately, they will be saved too,” Kasky said. “That was sarcastic.”

“When people call each other out like Kyle called me out, that is not going to help,” said David Hogg, the most prominent anti-gun activist in the group.

“We should be sitting down at the table, not throwing chairs,” said another student.

“America is a joke. In the whole global field, America is a joke,” said another student at a different segment of the interview.

Hogg said that it’s time for people like him to “use our white privilege” to help minorities get more attention and get into elected office.

Kashuv has called for a pro-gun march next to his classmates’ well-funded March For Our Lives in Washington, D.C. on Saturday.

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